Basic Life Support – SAQA Unit Standard 119567

About this course

Participants are taught how to perform Basic Life Support for a range of medical and injury emergencies. As this is a SETA accredited course, it is recommended for corporates, schools and industry wishing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, General Safety Regulation 3(4) (d).

The following content will be managed over three days of instruction:                                                  

CPR                                                                                   Bleeding and Wounds

Basic Anatomy                                                              Fractures, Dislocations and Splinting

Principles of First Aid                                                    Head, Neck and Spine Injuries

Emergency Scene Management                              Allergic reactions and Anaphylaxis

Triage                                                                                Burns

Heart Disease                                                                  Unconsciousness

Stroke                                                                                Water Accidents

Seizures                                                                            Hypothermia

Choking                                                                            Heat related disorders

Breathing difficulties                                                     Poisons, Bites and Stings

Diabetes Mellitus                                                            Shock


Participants will be expected to demonstrate competency through interactive completion of a workbook, written test and practical skills assessment.

What will you get?

SETA accreditation to fulfil the role of safety officer/ first aid representative in your workplace

Updated knowledge and skill for 18 CPD and 2 Ethics points as a Healthcare Professional

A Basic Life Support workbook & learner guide

A keyring pouch with resuscitation barrier device and gloves

Basic Life Support Certificate & SETA Statement of Results

1000 Discovery Miles for Discovery Members

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