Medical Emergency & First Aid Courses

Infant and Child CPR Course

The ideal course for expectant or new parents and grandparents.

First Aid for Children with CPR

Parents, teachers, au pairs and coaches are taught how to manage First Aid emergencies involving children.

Childminder Training Course

Ensure that your Childminder is able to provide high quality childcare within a safe environment, as well as possessing the necessary training and skill to manage a medical or injury emergency involving your child whilst in her care.

Adult CPR and Medical Emergencies

Know the right action to take in an emergency

Basic CPR Course

No prior training or knowledge is required to attend this life-saving course.

First Aid for Adults with CPR

Ever wondered how you would manage in an emergency? Lets us teach you the right way, first time.

Basic Life Support – SAQA Unit Standard 119567

[formally Emergency Care Level 1]

Participants are taught how to perform Basic Life Support for a range of medical and injury emergencies. As this is a SETA accredited course, it is recommended for corporates, schools and industry wishing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, General Safety Regulation 3(4) (d).

CPR for Healthcare Providers

Can you fulfil your responsibility in a resuscitation? Are you able to competently conduct a resuscitation the way your patients anticipate that you can?

This course is suitable for the entire multidisciplinary team responsible for patient care.

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